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canned Grape

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Canned grape

Canned Cherry

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Canned grape

Canned grape

canned grapes

  Canned Grape - Grapes In Syrup:

Our company produces canned grape without skin & seeds, has gone throught research and test for five years, reach high-class products in the world, has gotten wide welcome in Janpan. Factory can produce 3000 tons canned grapes in syrup without skin &seeds.

The content of canned grape


Sugar Content :18---20%

Packing of canned grape

Can: 3000g, 850g, 425g

Bottle: 580g, 300g 

Canned grape

canned grape

Grape Can

canned grape

Grape Can


grape can

Bottle Packing of Canned Grape:240g 300g 580g